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A 2.5D side-scroller action-RPG with deep Metroidvania & Soulslike elements, set in a painterly dark fantasy world.
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Project We Love
Video Games
Budapest, Hungary
This page is hosted by Primal Game Studio. Kickstarter does not support multi-language campaign pages, so we built this separate page to present our project to you in your language.
If you decide to support us, you’ll first find information here on how you can do that, and then we’ll redirect you to where you can make your pledge. Thank you!
A 2.5D side-scroller action-RPG with deep Metroidvania & Soulslike elements, set in a painterly dark fantasy world.
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Project We Love
Video Games
Budapest, Hungary
All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal in time.
This page is hosted by Primal Game Studio. Kickstarter does not support multi-language campaign pages, so we built this separate page to present our project to you in your language.
If you decide to support us, you’ll first find information here on how you can do that, and then we’ll redirect you to where you can make your pledge. Thank you!

Kickstarter connects creators with backers to fund projects.

Rewards aren’t guaranteed, but creators must regularly update backers.

You’re only charged if the project meets its funding goal by the campaign deadline.

Update #15
Primal Game Studio
October 21, 2022
This post is an extension to the main Campaign page. Find out here the level of localization we can provide for your language and how you can get involved yourself!
We’re committed to offering high quality localization for Mandragora.
We’re working on text and full voice overs in English and our native Hungarian, and our great publishing partner Marvelous will provide top-quality text for each of the following languages:
You’ll find us and nice folks from Marvelous on the Mandragora Discord currently in English and Hungarian.
But we'd also like to provide extra value to our Mandragora community around the world. We’ve been with you on the game’s social channels. And as our first big step in this direction, we wanted to offer both our website and Kickstarter in many languages. To do this, we had help from our localization partner QLOC S.A. as well as wonderful volunteers from the community highlighted in the “Thank you!” section of the main Campaign page.
After the campaign we would like to stay in touch with you all, and not only in English and our native Hungarian. But we don’t have a global team and we have very little time with the enormous task of finishing Mandragora. That’s why we’re asking for your help:
We’re looking for language ambassadors! We don’t have any formal volunteer program yet, but we’ve created a Discord channel: #volunteers-lobby where you can find us. If you speak English and are also a native speaker of another language, we’d really appreciate it if you could join us and lend a hand.
Update #1
How to Pledge
Alex Pearson
September 20, 2022
This post is an extension of the Rewards section at about 2/3 of the main Campaign page. Here, we’ll provide you with detailed information about pledging, Add-ons, and currencies.
How to Pledge
If you are new to Kickstarter, check out “What is Kickstarter?” further below. 👇
Reward Tiers and Add-ons
You can upgrade your pledge at any time on the right hand panel of the main Campaign page. Upgrading Tier “Supporter” will enable you to unlock Add-ons.
Orders are limited to 10 pieces per Add-on. For example, if you selected the “Mage” Tier, you can add one Art Book, two Exclusive Glass Mugs, and ten additional Exclusive T-Shirts.
The Mandragora Exclusive Boxed Edition (PC or Console) Reward is a physical copy of the game on disc for the platform of your choice. You will receive it in a Kickstarter backer-exclusive box that won’t become available to retail customers.
The size and details of physical Rewards such as the Art Book and Figure are not finalized yet. We want to provide you with high-quality, substantial items. But as this is our very first crowdfunding campaign, it takes more time for us to figure things out right.
We plan to deliver glass mugs. We prefer them to other materials, because quality glass mugs won’t easily chip away, nor will they taste like metal. And we are not fans of tiny tea mugs that you have to fill 10x a day, so expect something bigger and comfier. Details are TBD.
As a “creator” on Kickstarter, we can configure prices in US dollars, that’s why you may always see $ prices on our campaign pages. But besides that, allows you to choose from a variety of currencies in the web page footer. How? See step 2 in section “Step-by-step guide to pledge” below in this post.
For currencies supported by, we added converted numbers to the text of our translated campaign pages. These are for your ease of browsing, and please keep in mind that the actual amount that Kickstarter will charge you may somewhat differ.
You’ll see shipping costs on Kickstarter when you make a pledge or select an Add-on. Just make sure you set your country properly, and Kickstarter will show you on the next page the exact amount that your bank card will be charged after our campaign succeeds.
In these troubled times of inflation, shipping costs may rise a lot by the time we deliver to you. But this is our financial burden to bear, not yours.
We are still working out the details of logistics with our fulfillment partner RobaRoba. Our goal is to make shipping the most convenient for you, and if any problem arises, RobaRoba’s customer service will be there to handle your requests.
We will ask for your Shipping Address after the campaign, provided it is successful.
Step-by-step guide to pledge
Thank you for wanting to support our Kickstarter campaign! We are working on a cheat sheet on how you can do just that. We’ll post it soon, so please check back later.
Thank you for wanting to support our Kickstarter campaign! We created this cheat sheet on how you can do that. Don’t worry, the whole process only takes a couple of minutes. We recommend reviewing this cheat sheet on your phone while you can complete the below steps on your laptop or PC.
Kickstarter’s menus support certain languages and currencies. You can switch to them manually:
Take a look at the below screenshot. You’ll need to find these two drop-down menus at the very bottom of in order to select your preferred language and currency.
If you can’t find your currency, you can still pledge and your bank will convert to US dollars.
If you can’t find your language, use the built-in translator in your browser (e.g. Chrome and Safari offer this by default) or download a translation extension for your web browser to translate on the fly. If you can’t or don’t want to use a browser extension, don’t worry, we’ll help in the below steps.
Make sure you are logged into your Kickstarter account. If you don’t have one already, and you found your preferred language in Step 1 or you use a translator extension in your web browser, you can sign up here:
Otherwise, take a look at the below screenshot. This is the account creation page.
All you need is visit this page at, provide your information, click on the green button, wait for Kickstarter’s confirmation email, and click on the button within the email (it’s usually blue or green and reads Complete verification).
Go to the original, English-language Mandragora project page at
There, you can select your Reward Tier in one of three ways:
Click the green button on the top right.
If you scroll down the page, the green button will always stay on the top of the page.
Scroll down the page and select your Reward Tier from the column on the right.
If your selected Rewards include shipping, you’ll need to select your country from the dropdown menu. Then click the green button.
On the next page, you can check your selected Reward Tier and change it if needed by using the Edit button on the right.
Then, you can choose from the available Add-ons. You can click the green button next to each one to include it in your pledge.
Double check your pledge details, including your chosen Tier and Add-ons, then click the button at the bottom of the page:
On the following page, you will need to enter your payment details and check the box indicating you understand that Rewards aren’t guaranteed and simply click on the button, and you’re all set!
You should receive a confirmation email soon. Your pledge will not be charged on your bank card at this point, only after the campaign ends successfully.
If you did not receive a confirmation email (subject: “You just backed Mandragora”), first make sure it did not end up in your spam folder. If it’s not there, then most likely your pledge was unsuccessful, so please try again. If the problem persists, please jump onto the Mandragora Discord, and on the left-hand panel click on # 💬│general and ask for help. You’ll find a very helpful community, and our dev team also tries to read everything.
What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is the world’s largest “crowdfunding” platform.
Crowdfunding is when “creators” with big dreams present their projects to “backers”, who form communities around projects that they like, providing feedback and “funding” to creators in order to complete their projects. This process is called a “crowdfunding campaign” or simply a “campaign”.
The creator (in this case our game development team) presents on the project page a product (like Mandragora), the duration of the campaign (35 days in our case), and “goals” that the creator strives to achieve by the campaign.
The goals include a “funding goal”, which is the sum amount that the creator hopes backers together will offer for the project during the days of the campaign. The funding goal is presented on the top right panel of each campaign’s web page. Each backer may decide to “pledge” any amount of their choice to support the project and its creator.
Kickstarter campaigns are all or nothing: any financial transaction will only take place if the funding goal is reached. If it’s not reached, then Kickstarter will not charge backers’ bank cards, and the creator will not receive any money.
The goals also include a “main goal”, which is usually the completion (or in some cases, like Mandragora, the extension) of the project by the creator, using the funds from backers.
The goals may also include “stretch goals”, which are usually additional features or content that the creator undertakes to implement as part of the project in case the funding from backers exceeds the funding goal.
In return for the generous support of projects, creators offer backers “rewards”, which are digital and physical items that the creator delivers to backers once the project is completed.
When backers decide to pledge to the project, they can choose one of the “reward tiers”, a collection of rewards that the creator offers in return for a particular amount of funding by the backer. Reward tiers are presented on the right-hand panel of every campaign’s webpage on Kickstarter.
Backers may also choose “add-ons”, individual rewards that they can extend their reward tiers with.
If the campaign is successful, then with help from the feedback and funding from backers, creators usually spend months or a year or so to finish the product, provide rewards to backers, and commercially release the product to future customers.
Any further questions?
Please check out the FAQ for questions marked with “Rewards”.
Still uncertain about anything? Just head over to the Comments page and ask. We read everything and will try to answer all questions.
Project launches
September 20, 2022
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