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Mandragora – Official Game Website

A Story-driven 2.5D Action Rpg
Mankind has surrendered the world to the monsters. People hide away behind walls of brick and palisades of ignorance, constructed by their leaders. Joy and delight are coveted jewels, out of reach of the masses. This is not the world you were promised. Travel by night and take it back.
Journey through a world in decline, slowly falling prey to the damaging effects of Entropy. Challenge unique & deadly bosses, meet new allies, enemies, and every shade in-between, and make harsh moral choices.
There are many paths worth taking.
Choose yours.
Coming in 2024
Explore a Vast,
Interconnected World
Enter Faelduum - a grim and vivid world full of unforgettable NPCs, unique enemies, and complex moral dilemmas. Encounter horrific monsters and terrifying creatures in a wide variety of vibrant locations, from dark forests, deadly swamps and abandoned dungeons, to frozen mountains and burning deserts.
Prepare for the Challenge
Your dangerous mercenary work will send you across the world and back as you confront the very nature of Entropy. With brutal combat and challenging gameplay, be prepared to break a controller or two along the way - but a varied arsenal of epic weapons and high narrative stakes help make each victory just that much sweeter.
Tear Reality Asunder
Acquire the legendary Witch Lantern, and with its help, enter the dark realm of Entropy through tears in the fabric of reality.
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